Website Instructions
Website Instructions
How to us this website
We want to welcome all of our neighbors to Westminster Landing’s Website. The following are instructions on how to get the most out of our website.
1) Register - All Westminster Landing Homeowners and residents can apply for permission to enter the Residents Section which is password protected. 
To be registered on the website directory and with the Homeowners Association please send an e-mail to:
Please include your Name and your address in Westminster Landing.
All homeowners when initially registered have directory options listed to not show profile, e-mails addresses, phone numbers or children. If you wish to share this information with your neighbors, please update your profile to share this information. In the UPDATE PROFILE link you can also change your e-mail addresses or  login information including password.
In addition, if you wish to be able to correspond with your neighbors sign up for the MESSAGE BOARD feature on the website through the MESSAGE BOARD  page. This is the mechanism for homeowner to homeowner communication. You can also e-mail individual homeowners who have shown their e-mail addresses in the directory.
The Board of Westminster Landing sends out HOA information through the Administrative Level in the website. The Administrative Level Communication requires a majority of the Board to approve the correspondence prior to being sent and will only send out the following:
Community Notifications- with HOA information
Community Alerts-which are sent out for emergencies
All new members once registered need to review the information on the GATE PAGE. This page has the information on how to operate the gates in a safe and secure manner.
2) There are two sections to the Website. The upper section is open to the public and includes the following:
a) About Us- Has links to maps, schools and public documents including Bylaws, Covenants, Rules and Regulations. Building Criteria, ARB Request Form, Orange County Gated Community Ordinance and Disclosure Statement, and State of Florida Statutes for HOAS.
b) Public Documents- Has links to the bylaws, Covenants, Rules and Regulations, Building Criteria, ARB and Gate Request Forms, Plat, Lot Listing by Address, County and State Codes governing HOAS and Gated Communities.
Homes for Sale/Rent - Current homeowners can post information and pictures of their property for rent or sale in Westminster Landing. Each posting can include up to 15 pictures. Real Estate Agents with listings in Westminster Landing are welcome to post on the website. To get more information on how to post your listing on this site go to "Contact Us" click on the drop down menu next to "Send To" and click "Secretary/Treasurer" and request information.
c) Sponsors - If you are a business owner living in Westminster Landing and are a current on your dues you can place an ad on our website for FREE.
3) The Lower Section is open only to Residents and is Password Protected and includes the following:
a) Upcoming Events/ Members Announcements - Upcoming Event postings are open to community postings. Not all events are sponsored by the Westminster Landing HOA. If you wish to have an event open to all members of Westminster Landing post it on the Upcoming Events page and send out a notice through the MESSAGE BOARD. Events sponsored by the HOA will be marked in the description. In addition, the Members announcement feature available from the Upcoming Event Page is for members to post announcements to let neighbors know about the great things going on in your life; birthdays, births, graduations, anniversaries, weddings, new jobs!.
b) Resident Directory- has a listing of all homeowners in WML who have updated their profile to show their information.
c) Message Board - This area is truly just for Westminster Landing Homeowners. This is an open forum for homeowners to ask about vendors, and discuss what is going on in our community. The Board of Westminster Landing asks that all homeowners sign up for the Message Board.
d) Board – This page has links to all Meeting Minutes, Financials, Policy and Procedures, Engineering Reports, Historical Plans with lot listings, Legal, Bids, Contracts and Lot Correspondence.
e) ARB Board- this page has information on ARB request requirements, Link to ARB Request Forms, and information on Paint colors, Links to VENDOR INFORMATION which includes original subcontractors, Mailboxes, Window Mullions, and Manablock Plumbing information and a Link to LANDSCAPE INFORMATION.
f) Committees – These are groups which have been formed by previous boards and receive funding from the Homeowners Association. All events are open to all members without additional cost. They include Adult Social, Beautification, Children’s Social, Communication, Garage Sale, Maintenance, Neighborhood Watch, and Welcoming.
g) Clubs – are groups formed by members for those interested in gathering for the specific purpose. These clubs do not receive funding from the Homeowners Association and may require additional funds to participate. The Westminster Landing Homeowners Association is offering information only on these activities. If a member wishes to form a club please notify the HOA. The Board welcomes the opportunity to notify the community of future activities and interests.
h) Gate – Has information on the operation of the gates and surveillance cameras.
i) Photo Album- has photo albums of various events in the community.
j) Pet Directory - Show off your best friend, your pet. Current homeowners can post pictures of their pets online. This is especially helpful for reuniting owners and their pets. If you find a dog, cat or pet, please check our pet directory and notify the owner. If you cannot identify the animal from our directory, please take it to:
Orange County Animal Services
2769 Conroy Road
Orlando, FL 32839-2162
(Across from Millennia Mall)
Animal services is required to keep all animals a minimum of 7 days and publish photos of pets on their website:
NET PETS under Browse Shelter Guests
If you have lost a pet, please send a notice through the MESSAGE BOARD and check the NET PET site.
k) Find a Sitter/Classifieds - These are our community's 24/7 advertising space for goods and services.
l) Contact for Governments and Utilities- this page has links to Orange County Utilities including Sheriff, Fire, Waste and Water, the South Florida Water Management District, USPS. Progress Energy Power Company, Cable and Newspaper Delivery Service.