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Prospective Buyers:
Estoppels requests can be made by linking to the Southwest Property Management website here: 
Prospective Renters:
In 2010 the Florida legislature through (SB 1196) changed the statutes to give Homeowners and Condo associations the power to evict a renter if their landlord isn't paying the condo or association fees. Many condo and homeowners, particularly investment owners, are in foreclosure and not paying association fees, but still collecting rent checks from their tenants. This law puts renters on the hook to pay the fees or face eviction.
Contact the Association before signing a lease through the CONTACT US form to request information if you are considering leasing a home in our neighborhood to determine if the HOA fees have been paid or to check if the home is in foreclosure before signing a lease.
We ask that prospective buyers and renters take a moment and read Southwest Property Management's DEED RESTRICTION NOTICE 
Request to Inspect Community Records:
In addition to the Documents on this page, registered members have access to the following records through the members only section of this website:
Engineering Reports
Historical Documents including site plans, bids/project, legal opinions, correspondence, and lot listings
For information not available through this website members need to complete a Request to Inspect Community Records: To expedite your request, please contact Southwest Property Management by certified mail ONLY, no emails or phone calls. Please read the following document (click here to download) PRIOR to sending in a request. They will respond back in a timely and courteous manner once they receive your certified request.
Articles of Incorporation and By Laws
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • By Laws
    • 1st Amendment(Changes quorum from 30% to 10%, removes the requirement of a special homeowner meeting to levy an increase above 25% current assessment and a special assessment, removed membership vote for expenditure greater than $5000.)  
    • 2nd Amendment(Changed quorum from 10% to 20%, Requires a membership vote for an expenditure greater than $50,000 in any calendar year, requires a membership vote for an increase in assessments of more than 25% in a calendar year, amendments to the bylaws require 2/3 vote at a meeting in which a quorum is present) 
    • 3rd Amendment (Directors have a three year term of office) 
    • 4th Amendment (Annual member meeting has to occur before the end of March, Directors can be nominated from the floor) 
    • 5th Amendment (Added an initial assessment to be levied at the sale to be between $250 and the annual assessment, added the greater of $25 or 5% late fee, 18% or the highest interest rate allowed by law to be charged and the actual cost for filing a lien) 
Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions
  • Declaration of Covenants, Restrictions
    • 1st Amendment(added Phase 2)
    • 2nd Amendment(ARB can write the Building Criteria,no membership vote for special assessment, individual assessment, 30 days for ARB review, parking, satellite dishes, solar systems, added towing under article IX Section 3) 
    • 3rd Amendment(special assessment over $50,000 requires membership vote, amendments require 2/3 vote at a meeting in which a quorum is present, removed towing under Article IX Section 3(Towing remains under Article VII Section 2)
    • 4th Amendment(Leasing requires a copy of the lease and $500 deposit) 
    • 5th Amendment(Limits on above ground pools, fining for covenent violations) 
    • 6th Amendment(Zoysia, landscaping near sidewalks, fence, clotheslines, additional leasing, registered sex offenders) 
    • 7th Amendment  (Added an initial assessment to be levied at the sale to be between $250 and the annual assessment, added the greater of $25 or 5% late fee, 18% or the highest interest rate allowed by law to be charged and the actual cost for filing a lien) 
    • 8th Amendment( Billboards, combining lots)
    • 9th Amendment(Conversion of covenant enforcement legal fees to assessment) 
Rules and Regulations
Building Criteria
Gate Form:
ARB Requests
In 2015 the community switched to an on-line process for ARB Requests.  HOMEOWNERS need to register and login to complete ARB Requests using the link available on the Architechtural Review Board Page Marked ARC TRACKER. 
ARB Requests for PROSPECTIVE BUYERS ONLY instructions:
Complete the ARB REQUEST FORM application including all information.  Include a letter, explaining when you will close on the house, when the project will begin(must be after the closing)and include the alternate address where you want your copy of the signed off application to be mailed. The committee will review the request and if approved, will note that the approval will be valid once you have closed on the property and once a copy of your Warranty Deed (or HUD Statement) has been delivered to the Southwest Property Management Office.  The warranty Deed or HUD statement can be mailed to PO Box 783367, Winter Garden, FL 34778 or hand delivered to 13350 W. Colonial Drive, Ste. 330, Winter Garden, FL 34787, to verify the new owner. Questions: Call 407.656.1081.
Orange County Property Appraisers Website.  This website has information on Tax Values and Excemptions, Property Features (Sq. footage, description link to permit history),  Sales History and Analysis, Location information (Schools, Utilities, Elected Representatives and Census data) and  Market Statistics,